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Why Put Macroalgae in Your Marine Tanks?

There are many kinds of macroalgae which are large celled. Macroalgae are very valuable additions to any saltwater aquarium. There are many important roles that macroalgae performs in ocean and aquarium ecosystems. Herbivorous sea creatures eat some species of macroalgae. Another great role of macroalgae is the reduction of the existing levels of phsphates and nitrates in marine water. This makes them a great form of natural filtration.

There is now an increased interest in algae scrubbers and filters. The reason for this is that it can filter water naturally. And, it is easy to add to your aquarium. You can grow your macroalgae in a sump area below your aquarium or you can make a mounted refugium and grow them there. The presence of macroalgae in your aquarium will give you a natural filtration system which will remove pollutant in it and prevent undesirable algae to grow in it. While macroalgae can be grown in your refugium, it can also be used as a habitat for crustaceans if you put live sand and live rock in it. This can serve as food for your delicate fish.

Lighting should be provided for long periods so that dark periods are minimized. The purpose for this is to limit the production of CO2 by the macroalgae and this will give you good results. If your macroalgae grows excessively, it needs to be pruned and removed as required. Macroalgae can also serve as food to your marine aquarium fish. There are many shapes and colors of macroalgae. You add aesthetic value to your aquarium with them.

The Hawaiian Halimeda plant is a spherical clump the size of a baseball. This are larger and fuller special grown in Hawaii compardd to those found in the Atlantic. Its blades need structural support which is provided by calcium. This is why few herbivores eat it. The lifespan of this algae is extended because of this. This is a hardy and slow growing macroalgae.

The Spaghetti Algae is a great macroalgae for refugiums. This type has long stiff, strands that form filamen-like clumps exactly like a ball of fishing line. This is a fast-growing, hardy algae that gievs excellent natural filtration which absorbs nitrate and phosphate out of the water as it grows. If you grow it in your refugium it will give you crustaceans a great habitat.

You can also use the maiden’s hair algae for your marine tanks. it looks very soft which is great to look at in your aquarium. Your marine aquarium will be nice to look at with its green color and soft flowing motion.

These are some of the benefits of having macroalgae in your marine aquarium. Make sure to have this in yours so that your fish will reap the rewards.

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